Artists that will be there!

Dancers~~~~ for Saturday:
Funk Fusion Dance Company North Carolina, Fabel, Nyc Arts Cypher, Pacha NYC Dancers and J's music entertainment DJ Service

Akri Canada, APEX BA San Francisco, Ave/ Aim SSB Broooklyn & Florida,  Bacon HSA Canada, BAMA, BH1 Mafia, Bill Rock, BLADE TC5, Black Spades, Blaize, Battle Axe from Canada, Blue Beard 183, Bom 5, Brian Porter Canada, Brisk IBM GM5 Hawaii, BurnersOne, Caster Roc, Cav 1, Cey Adams Cey 1, Chaka Cali, Chief Zactu23,
CHOPPER 13, Clyde, COCO 144, Codeine BYB, Comet,COPE 2, CORNBREAD, Crachee 11, Cram, Crash Matos, Crazey Snake, DANGER 59, Dash 1, Deadleg 167, Death 1, Delfonics, DEZO, Dial 167, Duke 9, Ellis Gallagher Chalk writer muralist, ERIC DEAL, Estria Miyashiro California,
Faouzi Khlifi, Calligraffiti from France / Canada, Fargo, FDT 56, FLINT... Flint707,
Flip 1 SSB, Fritos, Fume, Fuzz One, Gano, Gm5 Hawaii, Halo87, Hoy 56, Inca 1, Ink76,
JAMES TOP, Jean Bronx, Jester 1, KATCH NASA representing Hawaii, KConer, Kiki Guatemala, Kit 17, King 2, Kodak 2, Kool Kito, KR 1 Louie, KWEST Canada, Kool Kyle, Lava 1 &2,LAZAR EXvandals, Little soul 159, LSD3om, Merk, Metro RTW Miles Carter from Boston, Min One, Mode, Model Nicole Canada, MOSES 147, Mousy 56, Mr Ice, LEE 163, Netkrt156 XMEN, OG Abel Hawaii, OUI, Paid 3, Philones, PULSE London, Pinto 1, PISTOL 1, Poem, Prime Hawaii, PS3 the dirty ones, Pursue 7th letter stick up kidz, REE MTA, REVOLT, Revok Cali, Rich2RTW, Rise 1 SSV, Risk WCA 7th letter Los Angeles, Roger, Roleo, Sar 1, Seda, Seik, SHADOW, SJK 171,
slin, SNAKE 1 writers corner, Snatch, Sonic 002, SPAR 1, Soec 1 INDS, STAN 153 from Cali, STAY HIGH 149, Stick up kidz Hawaii, SUPER STRUT, Swiss 1, Tatu XMEN, Team Go, Tero 3yb ssb, Tersue 7th Letter, TKid 170,  TRACY 168, Uncle John 178, Vamm 1, WCA 7th Letter Hawaii, WICKED GARY exVandals, Zoad 1 Guatemala, also many more TBA

Special Guest BRENDA STAR (represented by Joel Barnaby) and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir!

The MC and announcements will be by VIVA FRANSON with help from Flint... and Danger Other sponsors are NYC Arts Cypher,,, Subway, Andreas Extermination, and the

Bands listed so far... For Sunday: Wicked Gary Bama The Ex Vandals, Spray Paint Star, Bryan Larkin (who opens up for rebecca St, James )