GRAFAHOLIC photo exhibit by FLINT... For Those Who Dare.

In conjuction with the WORLD-WIDE URBAN ART FESTIVAL, Flint Gennari is having a month long photography show which is opens every Friday , Saturday and Sunday in May. While It is in Staten Island (Only a Ferry ride away) it is one block south of the Ferry Terminal and very easy to get to. Located at 70 Bay Street, visit for more info.
Photos on display by FLINT... include Chad LSD3om (President of the REBELS), Sonny 107, Flint 707, Pistol 1, Flip one, Dime 139 and others.

Hi My name is Christina Curcuru and I want to interview you for INDUSTRY MAGAZINE about the Photography Exhibit in Staten island called ART AT BAY.

1) Tell me a little bit about the work you are choosing to display in this exhibit.
1) Modern Aerosol Art exploded in the early 1970's all over the NEW YORK TRANSIT SYSTEM. This form of art expression came about simultaneously in all points of the city and a NEW ART FORM WAS BORN! But there were a few young rebels who started in the mid-1960's using only MAGIC MARKERS and EL MARKOS . One such writer took his sayings out of fortune cookies and lines from rock songs. His work was done as advertisements for himself but no one else knew what to make of it. Why should they, the trains were clean, the letters neatly written and always written in a place that it perfectly fit; maybe this message was something official!?! While mostly known on Staten Island as a Professional Photographer pursuing Weddings and Social Events Flint Gennari Has long been photographing his own life.
Influenced by PETER MAX's commissioned artwork on the NYC buses & trains ( his art was beautiful and his name was BIG!! ) plus the desire to have a secret identity and be cool like his hero JAMES BOND, FLINT...became NEW YORK'S FIRST WRITER! His advertisements and messages were read and loved by train-riders and copied by other writers. JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT and his friend Al Diaz (who was Flint's classmate and fan) copied him & started using sayings downtown NYC which put him where he needed to be to get known! Modern Graffiti history depends on the point of view of the historian, (many writing about the culture today were not born when it started) most are aware of their own sightings and what they saw in their immediate vincenty and the lines that they rode but there are still dedicated taggers whose work remain unsung. Luckily many cannot forget the writings of Flint, some even think of him instantly when they hear the words about the SUBWAY PROPHET in SIMON & GARFUNKEL'S "SOUNDS OF SILENCE".
2) How did you get started in photography?
2) I realized at an early age that I was a very visual person. I worked on my first photo essay when I was 9 years old. Even though it was sporadic in the beginning because I had to borrow cameras ( Instamatic's & Polaroids at the time ) I wasn't one who chopped off heads like the pictures that came back from my mother and father. LOL. Basally I learned photography from studying the photos in LIFE magazine and I was soon able to recognize the work of different photographers by their signature style. While MAGNUM never called, I just kept on doing what I needed to.
3) Is there anything particularly special to you about the photos you have chosen to display for the public?
3) I am very happy to be able to share eight of the photos that were in last years excellent exhibit at the Fondation-Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris, France.
4) Why are you displaying some of your work at Art at Bay?
4) Exposure is the key to success in any artist's life. Here at ART AT BAY as with ART BY THE FERRY we have a chance to show art work to a new audience and very importantly get tourists off the Staten Island Ferry and experience Staten island.
5) Where else has your work been displayed?
5) As an award winning artist and I have have exhibits in Galleries and Museums around the world including Italy, London, Paris, Florida and NYC. I am very happy to say that I was just awarded THE FUJI MASTERPIECE AWARD for my image of the "The Grand Rabbis Celebrate" which I put into last months competition at the Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey/ Professional Photographers Society of New York State Annual Convention in Albany NY.
6) What are your plans for the future in relation to photography?
6) I am very excited about my photography and am always seeking new ways to amuse myself. Some of my examples on display at ART AT BAY are watercolor prints with mixed media, light paintings, night photography and my specialty which is Black and White.
7) Is there one thing you would like people to know about you or your work?
7) One thing for sure, I always had big dreams, this is a very important point cause even if they are impossible to realize completely and you fall short, you will still get to a very special place. Artists don't have goals. They keep going on and on and they are never satisfied.