Graffiti Film MURAL is voted best Documentary!

NYC Arts Cypher is proud to notify all of our crew that we were presented with the Best Documentary Short sponsored by SILIVE.Com for our MURAL Documentary at the 2010 Staten Island Film Festival!
Thank you to all who came out and supported the film over the weekend at the two screenings. This is our first win to date and is only the kickoff for the future!
                                                 Spead the news GRAFFITI is ART!

NYC Arts Cypher is proud to announce one of our biggest feats to date. With a lot of hard work from our crew and the support from the community, we have won the SINY Film Festivals Best Documentary Short. We would like to thank the SIEDC for providing this platform allowing us to showcase our movement with the MURAL Program. Also, thanks to Cesar Claro, Scott Gerber, Ann Marie Seltzer, Jay Anderson, Theresa Catania, Paula Coyle, Jennifer Dunn, Jodi Guargliardo, Laura Liberto, Marisol Paulino, Alexandra Porto, Karen Sanicola, Krissy Weinstein for their hard work making the Film Festival possible. Thanks to all the stores for allowing us to paint murals and hang posters in their stores. Thanks to the 40/40 club as well. Lastly, big thanks to the community who have supported this film.Our mission is to promote the positive side of graffiti art. This film and the festival itself allowed us to show the community all of the positive possibilities enabled by the art form. A lot of credit must go to Charlie B. for believing in the ART and we here at the 
WORLDWIDE URBAN ART FESTIVAL thank him for seeking new ways to get the word out!!!