A Little about Flint

Flint Gennari was always a cut above. When graffiti began to blow up, Flint was the first artist to not follow the trend of spraypaint and spraycans and used rock lyrics and fortune cookie sayings etched out in magic markers and el markos. His unique style of writing, influenced by famous artist Peter Max, made Flint a recognizable artist on subway trains. Flint was known to use ellipsis in his pieces leaving subway train riders in a questionable state as to what Flint would come up with next.

Flint would carry a camera around whenever he ventured into the underground realm. Some of his earliest photographs are translated into his art which is now displayed at NycArtsCypher. Flint is now a globally-known photographer with exhibits in Italy, Paris, and London just to name a few. He recently won the The Fuji Masterpiece Award for his image "The Grand Rabbis Celebrate."

As for his future in photography, Flint is "always trying to amuse himself." His work is constantly on display in galleries and continues to challenge himself in the realm of art, for example, creating pieces with watercolor and mixed media or light paintings.

Flint's work is now on display in the street-level showcase at NycArtsCypher. Please stop by and take a look into the works of a reknown artist!

For a look into Flints photography please visit his blog http://www.fineartfotos.com/

Hope to See you out on August 5th to celebrate the art of Flint!

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