My good friend Gary Fritz (Wicked Gary or WG to you) Has long been known as the President of the Ex Vandals. He also has a great career in music.  He plays percussion the world over with all the top musicians.  Now he is in a movie called "Get Him to the Greek"  Watch it and enjoy!
This group shot REALLY represents alot of history.  In the house were pretty much all of the creators of the GRAFFITI ART MOVEMENT.  In the front row is: Snake 1, Rocky 182, Mike 171, Lava 1&2, WG.
Second row: SJK 171, Bama, Undertakers ash, FLINT 707, Cowboy.  Third row: Joker, CoCo 144, FLINT..., Fdt 56.  Last row, Freedom and Roger Gastman.