gallery opening tonight!

SECOND SATURDAY  60 BAY STREET  noon to 9 pm tonight.
                        with music at night! 
                          Gallery opening
60 bay street, Staten Island.  Across the street form the S.I. Ferry
Fridays noon to 6
Saturday Noon to 6
Sunday noon to 6                      until July 31. 2012


   History was made in the late sixities when youngsters put markers to walls and left their handiwork.
   From out of a decade that had its share of chaos and tranquility, young individuals sought out their identities. 
   A new American Art Form was created and street art was never the same.
   TAKI 183 is perhaps the most famous modern graffitist because of the early important articles written about him and the culture that were read by the mainstream.
   TRACY 168 is the inventor of WILDSTYLE and brought graf to a new level and that colorful evolution proved that beauty could come out of the inner city.
   FLINT... is best known as the writer who left not just a name but a message, something he started doing back in 1966 which makes him New York's first writer... 

   From it's humble beginnings and for better or worse, this American Art Form has TAKEN OVER THE WORLD...