Brenda Angel- Sculptress and creator of "The Lamb Of God" sculpture

About the Artist
Brenda Angel

Early years

Brenda was born in Miami and raised in Broward County Florida. While in her senior year at Miramar High School, while walking she was hit by a car. After being hospitalized for a period of time she was released wheelchair bound, with the diagnosis that she would never walk again or be able to have children. Brenda’s determination to live life to the fullest and be a mother never diminished. She somehow knew deep inside that nothing was impossible. When Brenda began walking again, her doctor, in amazement, sent her medical information to the television program, “That’s Incredible.” Brenda was interviewed via telephone by John Davidson, and was set to be interviewed in the upcoming season. That year the show was canceled. She is the Mother of three wonderful sons and a grandmother as well. Brenda knows full well what it means to live what is in your heart and not the limitations that could otherwise dictate one’s existence.


There is no formal or informal education in Brenda’s life for her Sculpting Career.

The birth of her love of sculpture

In the fall of 1992, Brenda had a dream. When she woke, she knew that she had to sculpt what she saw in the dream. She immediately went to buy clay but could not find a source for it. Brenda continued to have the dream for many nights, and continued to look for a place to buy clay.

After several weeks she obtained some clay and started sculpting. She finished her first sculpture within days. The Tulsa World Newspaper called her an adult “child prodigy.” From the moment that she touched the clay and started sculpting, she has been able to sculpt absolutely anything and anyone; photo-realistically, capturing their essence, personality, and strength. She sculpts people, lions, dogs, horses, deer, eagles, and anything that is on her heart to sculpt.

Career development

Brenda began receiving commissions after her first sculpture, and had her first Solo Exhibition in the spring of 1996. She has taught at the college level, for the university, as a tutor and Guest Lecturer. She has taught 3rd through 9th grade for a private institution, where she created the curriculum and taught the children, life drawing, sculpting, and painting. She currently home schools her children in all subjects including the arts and animation. Brenda also has a passion for broadcasting. She volunteers at a local non-profit television station editing, operating camera and she continues to write scripts for animations.

Brenda is available for commissions and enjoys working with people, seeing other’s vision come into the 3rd dimension.

In 2004, Brenda received a phone call from the White House wanting her sculpture, “Liberty Leads Her People.” It went to President Bush, who wrote Brenda a letter. The White House then called Brenda again to inform her that the sculpture would be placed in the Smithsonian’s National Collection Museum. This patriotic bronze sculpture features the Statue of Liberty, a rearing horse, the remains of the World Trade Center, three police officers, a working/rescue dog, jet engine, a car and debris.

Artist statement - What sets Brenda’s work apart:

"My work is most recognized by the life in the faces and eyes of my subjects, which are not posed but caught in the very act of living the moment. That moment is then preserved for centuries to come. The flowing forms of my sculptures represent the life that the individual lived and is living, whether it is a child, the elderly or that of an animal that has touched our hearts and impacted our lives. My goal is to capture the spirit of my subject in such a way that the viewer is impacted and feels as if they themselves knew my subject and participated in the good that was done in and through them. I see my sculptures as a way to communicate hope and life and love to people of all walks of life and to instill in them a sense of purpose and goodness to inspire them to achieve that for which they were born.
I am sculpting Patriotic, Inspirational and Historical pieces to place throughout this amazing country that we live in, imparting the richness of our heritage as a people and nation to the generations to come. Often I build symbolism into a sculpture to enhance its meaning and express a thought.
My work is known for its beauty and excellence.”

The scope of Brenda’s work

Brenda’s sculptures range in size from one inch to monumental. In addition to private homes, her work is frequently placed in churches, schools, universities, businesses and museums. Her broadcasting work can be seen around the world.

The Dream

“The Lamb of God”, was the result of a repeated and awesome dream. In the dream, Brenda was up in the air watching Jesus being Crucified. She saw huge dark clouds blowing toward her. She saw where Jesus’ beard had been pulled out in patches, and in His left cheek, there was a hole where she could see a tooth, as His cheek was flapping in the wind. She saw the flesh on His back torn. The sight was AWE STRIKING. The most vivid part of the dream was seeing the gentleness and love in the eyes of Jesus while He was in obvious and tremendous pain and agony. “The wind was blowing so strongly, it felt like I was being blown away”. Then, He lifted up in sort of a contorted arch as if attempting to get a breath of air to speak, and He cried out: “Eli, Eli, la’ ma sa-bach tha-ni?’” (TRANSLATED: “My God My God, why have you forsaken me?”), As she was waking, she would hear “Sculpt what you have just seen”.

Brenda tried to find out where to buy clay each day, as she experienced this dream night after night. As Brenda inquired about where to buy clay, she was laughed at and told by others it was “not even possible” for her to sculpt the human form as it takes years of training to learn to sculpt the human form, (and most sculptors cannot do so even after years of training). After the last night of the dream, she opened her eyes and could see Jesus being crucified, she would close her eyes and see Jesus being crucified. The vision stayed with her as she cried herself back to sleep. It was that day, more determined then ever, she persisted until an instructor at a University gave her some clay, but said, “Don’t ask me how to build an armature*, I cannot help you!” Brenda responded, “What’s an armature?”. The instructor, replied, “See you do not know what you’re doing!”, as he laughed and walked out of the room, shaking his head. HOWEVER, after obtaining clay, Brenda while only being able to sculpt five to ten minutes at a time here and there (between classes), as she was working full time and taking University courses full time (18.5 credit hours) and raising a family, YET, she completed a bust of the dream within 3 weeks. She was thereafter dubbed by the Chairman of the ART Department and sculptor, an “adult child prodigy”. She went on to win awards, including Artist of the Year and Studio Art Student of the Year for several years in a row. (She donated her first sculpture of this dream, a bust, to her church, where it is still on display.)

*(an armature is a structure that supports the clay so that it doesn’t fall apart or collapse by the weight of the clay).