IN MEMORY OF SHADOW Sunrise December 23, 1959~ Sunset December 30, 2013 Brown Memorial Bapist Church


In a culture overpopulated by haters, Christopher Shadow Lee was the anti thesis.   A shining beacon of love, who infectious smoky laughter will echo in my mind forever.  The High School of Art & Design, The Rebels, Soul Stoned  Brothers, Go Club and the bad Yard boys welcomed him. Loved from the streets of Fort Green to the Central Park Bandshell, one of Brooklyn's proudest denizens.  I will never understand how such a massive heart was housed in such a diminutive frame.  Thank u jay (TERROR 161) for putting into prose what we were all thinking .

And there's Chris, just about as far away from me as when I first saw him at Art & Design.   He was coming to meet me and loudly proclaiming his excitement at finally meeting one whose name he has seen so often on the tenement halls and subway walls in New York City .

The writers table in the high school of A & D proved to be a Fertile ground for us to all grow together. We shared Stories and Artwork, Subway keys and Mini Wides, Photographs and Black Books.  We worked on hand styles and developed our penmanship, no one wanted to be a toy for too long. 

We live by a code of not being the Mindless Vandals that the public had condemned us to be, but we were kids who were artists and who expressed themselves on public property cause it was the largest canvas around. 

Graf, as it turned out, became a force to be reckoned with, an art form for sure but bigger then that a large brotherhood of family of friends that accepted you  and welcome your company. 

Myself and My partner Chad put him in the rebels and he was most proud of this association, small wonder why, though the years I couldn't turn him down when he needed my credit card to buy tickets to see his favorite bands like Pink Floyd, the Allman Brothers n Steely Dan when they played the Garden or the Beacon threatre. If he never paid me back I wouldn't have minded , but he always did. 

We shared a lifetime of passion and he always wanted to share his knowledge of the culture. 

It gives one a tremendous sense of pride when u have your own business and finally he found partners with whom he could sell his tee shirts, videos of Stations Of The Elevated and Bobble Head Dolls of Blade. 

When you are talking to some people you go along and listen , bla, bla, bla, not really hearing them but when one comes along and is loud n animated you have to listen and pay attention and maybe that's why he was always in your face. 

What is this thing called life?

Here's a guy younger than me, dead.  
All I know is it's my job to keep his memory alive ... 
Stay High 149 and Shadow.  Two Immortals. R.I.P.
Shadow, Jamestop and Terror
FLINT..., Futura and Shadow

Shadow at the Asia Society
 Shadow with SJK 161 and OUI.

Shadow in High School with ABE SEVEN and BOMB 1 (Al Diaz)

Art & Design Mini reunion....   Need I say more?